Hi, I'm a comic artist and illustrator focusing on black and white art in traditional and digital forms.


A comic page following a person meditating Black and white portrait of woman with long hair wrestler with a mohawk has another wrestler in painful armbar move comic page about a cute black kitten fatally messing up occultist's ritual comic page about a comic artist having artist block punk girl sits with rat, possum, raccoon with Break Free Fest banner above episode 27 of Gutter Street comic episode 28 of Gutter Street comic hand in front of mouth making v with index and middle finger licking tongue through suggestively hands clasping each other at the wrist in friendly gesture episode 27 of Gutter Street comic demon sticking tongue out menacingly at the damned

A little bit about me.

My name is Felice Haley (they/them) aka "FeliceY". I'm a Caribbean-American artist based in Somerville, MA. I love working on comic projects, social justice media or other rad art. I have illustrated for web comics and zines but now I'm focusing on a project that I both write and draw - an ongoing comic strip called I Need To Start A Cult, which can be found on Instagram @sludgestar.felicey.

My personal interests tend toward horror and the occult, so it's fun to work in that realm for me. I have a soft spot for zines and indie comics, but have dabbled in areas from band posters to kid's bedroom decor. I also coded this website. My favorite color is puke green.